Assembly Bill 60 – Granting Immigrants CA Driver’s Licenses

Currently Driving Without Education, Insurance, or License? AM-60!

There is mutual agreement that immigration reform is a top concern of today. As a California resident, it is no surprise that we have the largest immigrant population within the United States. Therefore, it is important that we think about how the 7 percent of immigrants of our beautiful state are getting to their jobs each day? If they are unable to obtain a California driver’s license due to the inability to provide proof of legal presence,

If you want affordable auto insurance Los Angeles CA, these are the best popular cars to choose.

If you want affordable auto insurance Los Angeles CA, these are the best popular cars to choose.

Each year, there are vehicles that distinguish themselves as crowd favorites. Whether they get great gas mileage, come stocked with tons of features, or just look cool, some vehicles are more popular than others. . Before you rush out to buy one of them, though, you need to think about insurance costs. We can help! Here are the most popular cars of 2016,

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in Los Angeles, CA?

A quick answer to the question all bike owners have asked: “Is motorcycle insurance required in Los Angeles?”

In California, auto insurance is required. When a driver gets behind the wheel of his or her car, to abide by the law he or she needs to have certain levels of liability coverage. But is it the same for motorcycles? Is motorcycle insurance required in Los Angeles? Let’s take a look.

California state law requires that every registered vehicle be insured.

Making Simple Policy Change Requests

Once you start receiving auto insurance from Romar Insurance, we want to make sure that your experience continues to exceed your expectations. Many insurance companies stop rolling out the red carpet after they have your name signed on the dotted line, but our business continues to provide amazing customer services. This includes online policy request services. Whether you have a simple question or need to do a big policy change, we are ready to assist you.

There are lots of policy change request options we can make online!

Do I Really Need Life Insurance? 5 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes!

Life Insurance for Assurance for the Road Ahead!

At Romar Insurance, we strive to provide Assurance for the Road Ahead, hence the importance of every individual obtaining life insurance protection. Unfortunately, there are an overwhelming number of individuals who view this as a purchase for high net worth individuals or for later on in life, when in reality, this policy should be put in place once you start making a living. Gathered are 5 convincing points for seeking the security a life insurance policy provides:

Income Replacement – When an individual passes away,